There are loads of file manager apps for Android devices. On my Android journey since version 1.0 four have gotten my attention:

In order of appearance one has kind of taken the place of another. I rarely return to Astro to see what new appeared in the most recent version. I still consider ES to be a very good (and free) tool. Mr. Ghisler’s Total Commander was the first shareware application I actually bought (of course it’s free for Android), so I had to check out the Android app too. The most recent addition is Solid Explorer which I so far consider closest to Total Commander.

All of the apps have what I expect from a mobile file manager:

  • archive support
  • network filesystem support
  • list and icon views
  • support for root options

I am still evaluating Solid Explorer which provides a 14 day trial. The manager is making a significant impression on me and it is highly likely I will purchase the software since it’s only around 1,5 EUR ($2).