I like to have my news sources aggregated when reading on my mobile devices. Up until recently my weapon of choice was Pulse News. It still is a great reader but it has become a little too bloated for my taste. After a short fling with Google Currents I have found a suitable replacement for Pulse.

Flipboard is kind of similar to Pulse, in a way that it renders the news articles as “cards” which you can… well flip as pages in a magazine or a book. The interface is horizontal for larger screens and vertical for smaller ones. You can add many different sources as: RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or content especially created for Flipboard. 

The social and blogging adapters allow posting with pictures. In case of Twitter and Facebook they lack most of the functionality of the official clients but are enough to post a reply or a quick tweet.

Just like Pulse, Flipboard offers to store your settings in “the cloud” (boy do I dislike this term, only a little bit less then “web 2.0”).