I really have no idea how Nintendo manages to pull this off. My 6 year old DS Lite is one of my favorite gadgets of all time(of all time! thanks Kanye). 

Currently most smartphones have more CPU/GPU whoomp than the DS Lite, but you just can’t beat the taste of the little Nintendo flavors that come with their handheld consoles. I don’t know about your average DS owner but I bought mine for the content - one I won’t be able to see on any other platform (except maybe running a DS emulator on it). 

The games may look less eyecandish than even the previous gen PSP, but the experience is unique for me.

The DS is capable enough to run the kind of games that ran on the N64, 3d and all. But those are not the games I love the DS for. New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, the whole Pokemon shebang, the jRPGs…. ah.

If you want to game on the road, want to game without the need of firing up you PC or the entertainment system of your choice this is a grand toy. And if you happen to have and offspring that is starting to appreciate the fine sport of gaming, you can even have a fine excuse to get yourself a DS :D

- “Daddy what are you playing?”

- Pokemon, dear

- “So, you gotta catch'em all?" 

Tear to my eye ;)