Its a ugly fact that I probably use my HTC Desire mostly for flashing alternative ROMs. I read somewhere that you can actually make calls from it (send some messages even) ;P

Recently I decided to give one of the ROMs from the MIUI family another chance.
Using MIUI ROMs is refreshing, because they are so very different from both most AOSP and vendor modified ROMs. Even with UI’s like HTCs SenseUI or Samsungs TouchWiz the menus, settings and other standard pieces of the UI look somewhat similar.

The MIUI … UI looks and feels more like iOS than Android. Even the app management and icon positioning are very similar to the Apple way.

There are also other cool features like:

  • Call and Message “Firewall” – particulary useful to get rid of those “sweet deal” calls from yourMNO
  • Call recording – another mindful feature whenever a contact center agent calls you – now you can say “hey, by the way, this call is being recorded for security reasons”
  • Built in FTP server
  • Some sweet looking themes

I chose MIUI Android but there are several other MIUI distros.

I highly recomend it to anyone bored with the SenseUI or the bare AOSP look of the interface.